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Rhythm Mastery – A Manual for Improving Rhythm – Book 1

Rhythm Mastery – A Manual for Improving Rhythm Book 1 offers instrumentalists and singers an unusual method for improving rhythm. The exercises are based on the author’s many years of rhythmic exploration and teaching. Strategies include: South Indian Vocalizations and Compositions, Stepping Exercises, Metronome Games, Rhythm Traps, Scales in Odd Meters, Polyrhythms, and Time Feel. Original etudes are included. Forward by Laurie Matiation. Level: Basic – Intermediate. 129 pages. $40.00 + GST (CAN)

“I hope this book inspires you, as Malcolm’s classes inspired me. Read it, play the games, and feel it! But above all, have fun!”

Laurie Matiation, Artistic Director, Academy and Advanced Performance Program, Mount Royal University Conservatory

(from the Forward)

Two South – Indian American Rudimental Solos

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Two South Indian – American Rudimental Solos use Karnatak rhythmic principles and form to create contemporary snare drum solos. Perform traditional cadential formulas called moras and korvais. Challenge yourself in unusual subdivisions of five and seven. Two talas (meters) are featured: Adi Tala (in 4/4 or 8/4) and Khanda Eka Tala (in 5/4). Material is based on the work of master South Indian drummer Trichy Sankaran as well as Bob Becker. Forward by Josh Jones. Level: Advanced. 43 pages. $25 + GST (CAN)

“This book not only introduces you to and helps you explore another culture’s relationship to rhythm, but puts it in a context you are familiar with. … I sincerely hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.”

Josh Jones, Principal Percussionist of Kansas City Symphony

(from the Forward)
David Riccobono performs Solo #1 – Adi Tala
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